The route

Getting Here:
Directions from Amsterdam / Schiphol Airport & Utrecht:

Zandvoort is less than a 45 minutes (35 Km) drive to the west of Amsterdam. From Utrecht take the highway to Amsterdam. From Amsterdam or Schiphol Airport just take the one of the two highways to Haarlem and from there on one of the two routes which take you to Zandvoort. The first option takes you through the village of Overveen and after that a comfortable road takes you through the dunes to Zandvoort.

But! Pay attention, let the trip not be that comfortable that you might push the pedal of your car to deep. The speed on this nice circuit-like road is 80 Km’s per hour and police are almost always on the watch in the nearby trees, waiting to flash you! And, it will be no suprise, flashing means paying! The road first takes you to the beach of Bloemendaal which is situated a little north of Zandvoort. Just continue following the road to the skyline of Zandvoort which is ahead.

The second option to reach Zandvoort from Haarlem is via the southern road, which takes you through the village of Heemstede. Just follow the signs ‘Heemstede’ and there-after when appearing ‘Zandvoort’ you choose for this option.
Traveltime is about the same as via the northern route and also this route asks for your attention on the speed. However speeding is far more difficult as almost the whole route takes you through small villages.

Direction from Rotterdam & The Hague:

Please follow the signs to Haarlem and thereafter when appearing ‘Heemstede’ to When approaching Heemstede the signs for Zandvoort appear. Just follow them and you will reach the southern road to Zandvoort. This route asks for your attention on the speed as the police is often on the watch for speeders.

Getting here by train:

The dutch railway services called ‘Nederlandse Spoorwegen’ offer a frequent train service which runs every half an hour from roughly 7 am untill 0:30 am. For more info visit the railway info page at

Getting to Hotel Anna:

The hotel is situated at the Hogeweg, the main round way with takes you through Zandvoort, facing the traffic circle near the Watertower.

The exact adress: Hotel Anna – Hogeweg 5 – 2042 GD ZANDVOORT